Included in the Tiny House BIG Book, a Beginner's Illustrated Guide to a Complete Tiny House Build, is the complete set of framing plans for Yonder Tiny House. These plans are meant to be accompanied by the guide, which clarifies and demystifies the build process with over 375 pages of fully illustrated instruction. 

The blueprints for the 24-ft. Yonder Tiny House are literally blue…and green, yellow, orange, pink and brown. Our aim is to provide a complete framing package in a simple format: something that is easy to understand right away.

These plans are meant to be useful as a literal building guide and as a learning tool. Even if you intend to use different plans to construct your house, seeing “blueprints” in a user-friendly format can be enlightening. By grasping the basics, all framing plans should be easier to interpret and put to use.


Following the Beginner's Illustrated Guide to a Complete Tiny House Build, we hope readers gain enough skills and creative control to be their own foreman. That way, rather than being at the mercy of the lines and numbers on a page, you can be confident, think creatively, make changes when necessary and develop as a builder. 

To that end, the Yonder Tiny House Framing Plans come with access to a 20-minute video which shows every piece of our specific plans coming together, as well as an overview of the entire process of framing a tiny house, beginning with a trailer and ending with a weather-tight structure.



Tiny House Plans